Some work and some play

For the work, it was a warm day and I cut off most of the golf bag holder arms and then spray painted the cut ends.

I then spent some time aligning the front end.  I now have about 1/16″ toe in and the cart drives straight with the steering wheel perfectly level.

Now for the play.  This looks like a great place to do some 0-30mph times.

And of course there is an app for that.  I thought I had the jetting dialed in pretty well, but I’ve learned that jetting a 4 cycle is nothing like a 2 stroke dirt bike.  The first couple of runs all gave similar results as this:

I don’t know what prompted me to mess with the main jet, but I opened it up a little and my times dropped into the 10’s.   I kept opening up the main jet a little at a time and got my best run:

Another nice Fall day

I kept things under 20mph for mos of the drive and got 38 MPG.

I had to goto Walmart, Home Depot and then the Club Car shop. I stopped off and finally used one of the cup holders the way it was meant to be used:

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Finally – a shifter

I finally got around to getting the shifter set-up.  The first problem was the arm on the rear end was too long and hit the body.

That was easy enough to cut down.  I was able to use the bracket on the rear end, I just had to make some adjustments on it.

Then I had to add an extension on to the Yamaha shifter assembly to get the cable to work properly. I also took that as an opportunity to add a little bracket so I could mount the disc brake reservoir.  That was easier than welding a bracket to the frame.

I’m using the electric body, so I’ll need to make a cover plate later on.

I can finally install this cover.  I just need to get more body plugs.

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12.4.17 Ride

It looks like today was the last nice day for a while – upper 60’s with sun.  Tomorrow it rains and then highs only in the 50’s with some additional rain.  I drove about 17 miles today.  There is nothing like a freshly paved path:

Something seems to be missing here:

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Stainless steel engine cradle/swingarm

I bought some 3/16″ stainless plate and 2″ square tubing back in November to make a custom engine cradle/swingarm.

I was going to build this over the winter but never got around to it.  I finally started this project this week.  The weather was all over the place – day 1 & 2 I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the AC was on.  Day 3 & 4 it was jeans and a jacket with the heat back on.  On the last day – day 5 – it was back to shorts and a t-shirt.

After triple checking my numbers, I started with these cuts:

Then on to the proper positioning of the cross-member:

One of the key items I needed to incorporate into this was an “anti-wrap” feature or bracing to keep the rear end from wanting to twist under acceleration.  This is the final product:

Last test fitting before putting it in the cart:

In and everything looks and lines up well.

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Engine plate – step one

I left this oversize as I still need to finalize how I will mount the engine plate to the engine cradle.

I am going to be making custom isolation mounts out of this urethane:

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