Keihin carb mods

I’ve made some modifications to the Keihin carb that came on the Honda.  The Keihin is the same as the clone carbs, the fuel line needs to come in from the top.  And it is a smaller diameter than the other fuel lines I’m using. This is how I the fuel line had been run to the carb:

Replaced this:

With this 1/16 npt elbow that is pointed down:

With using the Club Car airbox, I don’t need the choke.  So I’ll plug that hole with a 1/8 npt fitting:

I sanded down the excess that was protruding into the carb:

Installing the $10 eBay adjustable main jet:

While I had the carb all apart, I enlarged the idle jet and opened up one of the 4 holes (furthest one back) that are part of the idle circuit.  Carb installed with 1/4 fuel line running directly to the carb:

I’ll be throwing away the smaller fuel line now.

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