Back to a regular carb, this time a 24mm

It was nice having the PZ30 carb on the cart with so many more aspects to control with the jetting.  But the performance was starting to act a little erratic after 800 miles.  With the cheap Chinese manufacturing, I didn’t have high expectations on longevity.

Before going back to the Keihin that came on the GX390, I thought I would try the 24mm 3 circuit carb from VC.

Getting the epoxied, broken off low speed screw out wasnt that bad with some silver solder and a spare PZ30 jet.  Ugly, but it worked.

The flux made a mess though.  It came of easily with some carb cleaner.

The low speed screw on this 24mm carb is a different size than the Keihin/clone carbs.  Since I had the solder out, I used another jet from the PZ30 and made a “new” screw from the original.  The PZ30 jet provided a nice shoulder for the spring.


All cleaned up with the adjustable main jet.

On the cart:

It fired right up and with just a little time spent adjusting the jetting, it is running pretty well.

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